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Visitor Rules!

Please adhere to the guidelines!


Everyone who enters TFR Colored Ranch Horses as a visitor implicitly agrees to the following general terms of use: 

§1 Status:
 TFR Colored Ranch Horses is NOT! a commercial operation or a riding school, but is run purely privately!
 In no case is there a right to handle or ride the animals!
 §2 Visitor Rules:
 Visitors over the age of 18 or the person responsible for caring for minors are informed that handling horses is associated with risks, even with appropriate supervision. This includes in particular the risk of injuries, for example from falls, consequences of shy horses or similar unpredictable events.
 The presence on our property or entering the horse stalls, the paddock or the pastures requires the permission of authorized persons from TFR Colored Ranch Horses and is basically at your own risk.
 Entering the agricultural parts of the ranch without our express permission is prohibited!
 Smoking and open fires are prohibited in the entire stable and yard area as well as on all pastures.
 When dealing with horses, the general animal welfare regulations and the recommendations of the German Equestrian Association (FN) apply to keeping and handling
 We reserve the right to refuse unsuitably dressed people (e.g. sandals, high heels, etc.) to enter the stables and pastures!


 §3 Liability & Insurance:
 Handling the horses is basically at your own risk.
 We expressly advise you to take precautionary measures through adequate personal liability and accident insurance.
 In the event of accidents, damage and loss, no liability claims can be made against TFR Colored Ranch Horses.
 The instructions of the authorized persons of TFR Colored Ranch Horses must be followed without exception.
 Parents are responsible for their children, regardless of age and subject to the constant supervision by the parents.


 §4 Riding
 Visitors are not entitled to handling the animals or to ride the horses (riding lessons, rides, pony rides, etc.).
 §5 Dogs:
 The ranch has its own dogs that are not leashed!
 Visitors' dogs must be kept on a leash on the entire site!
 §6 Video surveillance:
 The areas of the horses are equipped with video surveillance.
 We do not collect, process or use any personal data or save images.
 §7 Declaration of exemption:
 TFR Colored Ranch Horses, the helpers and residents of the ranch are released from any liability or claims for damages, unless the liability insurance covers these damages on the basis of the existing insurance coverage. The exemption does not apply to liability due to intent or gross negligence.
 §8 Severability clause:
 Should individual provisions of these rules be ineffective or unenforceable or become ineffective or unenforceable after the conclusion of the contract, this shall not affect the validity of the rest of the rules.
 As of: 11/20/2020 - With the publication of this version all previous versions become ineffective!
Explanation: The term "TFR Colored Ranch Horses" includes the following people: Maria, Sabrina and Matthias Freiberg, as well as all horses and dogs they own. Furthermore, the term "TFR Colored Ranch Horses" includes the farm, as well as the riding arena and all properties and buildings belonging to the ranch!

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