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Don't walk in front of me, I don't want to follow you! Don't walk behind me, I don't want to lead you!
Walk beside me, and be my friend!

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The TFR Team

The TFR team has a lot of passion and expertise in dealing with horses. We have been breeding, riding and training for many years. Although we are just a private stable and do not operate a business, we have attached great importance to solid professional training.

Training: ⇒ Assistence Trainer EWU ⇒ Trainer C Western DSB (inactiv) ⇒ Mounted guide FN ⇒ Trail riding guide FN ⇒ Certified equine manager

Riding badges:   small horseshoe FN ⇒ big horseshoe FN ⇒ horseshoe western riding EWU ⇒ basic pass equine studies EWU ⇒ riding pass FN ⇒ trail riding badge FN bronze ⇒ trail riding badge FN silver ⇒ western riding badge EWU bronze ⇒ western riding badge EWU silver ⇒ driving badge IV FN

Job description:
 Certified Equine Manager   - 
 Specialization: horse keeping and service
Awarded in: Bavaria - Germany

Responsible Authority:

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