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SciFi / Mystery
(Canada /2008 - 2011 / 4 Seasons / 59 Episodes)

Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping), doctor and scientist, and her daughter Ashley (Emilie Ullerup) run the "Sanctuary", a refuge for abnormal beings. Together with her protégé Dr. Will Zimmerman (Robert Dunne) and Henry Foss (Ryan Robbins) Helen fights evil and tries to make the world a little better. It is interesting to note that Helen Magnus is 157 years old and that her colleagues John Druitt, Nikola Tesla, James Watson and Nigel Griffin are as well from an other age and posess special skills.

Info: For everyone who knows "Stargate" there will be a reunion with many familiar faces at "Sanctuary". Among others, you will meet Kavan Smith (Major Evan Lorne) and Christopher Heyerdal (Todd) from SG Atlantis, as well as Garry Jones (Sergeant Walter Harriman) and Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson) from SG-1.

Sanctuary Birthdays:


January 12./1980 Agam Darshi (Kate Freelander)
March 22./1980 Kandyse McClure (Meg) 
May 08./1973 Jonathon Young (Nicola Tesla)
June 14./1979 Pascale Hutton (Abby Corrigan)
August 28./1965 Amanda Tapping (Helen Magnus)
September 05./1962 Peter Wingfield (James Watson)
18./1963 Christopher Heyerdahl (John Druitt / Bigfoot)
22./1948 Jim Byrnes (Gregory Magnus)
October 27./1984 Emelie Ullerup ( Ashley Magnus)
November 12./1971 Robert Lawrenson (Declan MacRae)
19./1976 Robert Dunne (Will Zimmerman)
26./1972 Ryan Robbins (Henry Foss)

All pictures are screenshots of the show which I own on DVD.

All episodes at a glance:

Season 1

Season 2

0101 - Sanctuary For All  0201 - End of Nights (Pt 1)
0102 - Sanctuary For All  0202 - End of Nights (Pt 2) 
0103 - Fata Morgana 0203 - Eulogy
0104 - Folding Man  0204 - Hero 
0105 - Kush 0205 - Pavor Nocturnus 
0106 - Nubbins  0206 - Fragments 
0107 - The Five 0207 - Veritas 
0108 - Edward  0208 - Next Tuesday 
0109 - Requiem  0209 - Penance 
0110 - Warriors  0210 - Sleepers 
0111 - Instinct  0211 -  Haunted 
0112 - Revelations  0212 - Kali (Part 1) 
0113 - Revelations 0213 - Kali (Part 2) 

Season 3

Season 4

0301 - Kali (Pt 3)  0401 - Tempus 
0302 - Firewall  0402 - Uprising 
0303 - Bank Job  0403 - Untouchable 
0304 - Trail of Blood  0404 - Monsoon 
0305 - Hero 2 Broken Arrow  0405 - Resistance 
0306 - Animus  0406 - Homecoming 
0307 - Breach 0407 - Icebreaker
0308 - For King and Country  0408 - Fugue 
0309 - Vigilante  0409 - Chimera 
0310 - The Hollow Men  0410 - Acolyte 
0311 - Pax Romana  0411 - The Depths
0312 - Hangover  0412 - Sanctuary for None Part 1 
0313 - One Night  0413 - Sanctuary for none Part 2 
0314 - Metamorphosis  
0315 - Wingman  
0316 - Awakening   
0317 - Normandy   
0318 - Carentan   
0319 - Out of The Blue   
0320 - Into The Black  

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