An Interview Series by Suanne Braun


A real highlight of this year 2020 was Suannes idea to host a talk show via her Instagram account. The name of the show - Hathor Hosts - derives from her role she played at Stargate SG-1, the goddess and goa'uld Hathor. Over the course of 24 weeks she had invited these amazing guests to her virtuel couch:


Season 1

1. Kate Hewlett [Jeanie Miller / ATL] 2. Amanda Tapping [Sam Carter] 3. Gary Jones [Walter Harrman]
4. Cliff Simon [Ba'al] 5. Joseph Mallozzi 6. Peter Kelamis
7. Alaina Huffman [Tamara Johansen / SGU] 8. Natalie Boltt 9. David Hewlett [Dr. Rodney McKay / ATL]
10. Claudia Christian 11. David Blue 12. Jacqueline Samuda [Nirrti]
13. Dan Payne [Cull Warrior] 14. Jennifer Spence [Lisa Park / SGU] 15. Tony Amendola [Master Bra'tac]
16. Musetta Vander [Shau'nac] 17. Paul McGillion [ Dr. Carson Beckett / ATL] 18. Harriet Thorpe
19. Ami Lovatt 20. Lisa Stokke 21. Kai Owen
22. The System Lords:
Cliff Simon [Ba'al] - Peter Williams [Apophis] - Jacqueline Samuda [Nirrti
23. Teryl Rothery [Dr. Janet Fraiser] 24. Amanda Tapping interviewing Suanne Braun [Hathor]
Info: [xxx] = Name of the Stargate character!



All interviews are on Suannes You Tube Channel.
There you find both, a desktop version as well as a mobile version. Just drop by and enjoy "Hathor Hosts"

Hathor Hosts on You Tube