The adventure goes on
the show starts where the feature film ends!


One major show on Showtime [US Pay-TV] was Stargate SG-1, with well-known TV star Richard Dean Anderson [McGyver] leading a team of highly trained and specialized soldiers traveling through a Stargate to other planets - a gigantic portal to space. It is the continuation of the film "Star Gate" from 1994 which was shot by Roland Emmerich. If you walk through this cosmic donut, it immediately transports you to a galaxy far away. So think of Stargate as potential space travel, but without the hassle, expense, and "rocket delay" of conventional space travel.

In the first episode, O'Neill (Anderson) is brought back from retirement to return to the inhospitable desert planet [Abydos] of the film. There he meets again the unconventional maverick and scientist Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), who was left behind on the last mission. You see Shau're, the wife of Daniel Jackson, being taken over by a fundamentally evil, parasitic alien snake [Goa'uld]. Later, the deserter Teal'c (Christopher Judge) - a Jaffa who also carries a symbiote - helps to save the people of Abydos and Chulak. Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) is the only woman in this "boys club"; a highly intelligent, brilliant scientist and courageous officer who has to earn the respect of O'Neill first.

In most of the episodes SG1 goes to other planets where their main task is to find weapons against the Goa'uld. However, they tend to be more concerned with preventing evil aliens from getting to Earth or ironing out mistakes they inadvertently made as inexperienced newcomers to the galaxy.

Stargate may not be very sophisticated television. There are many science fiction clichés, jokes and allusions to other science fiction series and other films.
The aliens take some getting used to, because they are recruited from the realm of the gods of different cultures, such as: Ra, Hathor, Anubis, Osiris but also Nirrti, Thor, Loki or Kali.

SG1 had to tolerate an initially very stiff General Hammond (Don S. Davis †), who always ruined the fun by strictly following the rules [which he interpreted more and more generously over time!].

Amanda Tapping has been given lines that make her sound like her tongue has been taken over by a really scary space monster or an equally scary Hollywood writer: "Just because my reproductive organs are inside instead of outside - doesn't mean that I can't handle everything you can, sir! "[This sentence has been removed from the remastered version of the pilot!]
Amanda Tapping changed this focus of the writers on exaggerated femininity very quickly ("just write for a soldier, I'll bring in the feminine!"), And from start on she refused to wear a sexist fantasy uniform!


In the course of the series, however, the team of writers, producers and actors settled in very well and the quality increased enormously during the first season and remained at a high level until the end of season 8. The 9th and 10th season was taken up a little controverse by the fans, as, with the exit of RDA and Don Davis, two important characters were missing. Without prejudice, however, seasons 9 and 10 absolutely deserved a fan spot and turned out to be good episodes in their own way.



Stargate SG-1 is solid craftsmanship, made with heart and mind. With a lot of money (don't think it's cheap to create completely new planets!), big enough and well-known stars, a lot of action and imagination, they did create solid entertainment for every day! And thats what makes Stargate so special: It has a great chemistry that carries over from the cast to the crew to the audience. Stargate is over 20 years old, but it has a huge fandom and the actors are as popular and beloved today as they were then!