Actress, Director, Producer, Storyteller
and "Goofball at heart"


Amanda Tapping (Born August 28, 1965) is an English-born actress, producer and director. She lives in Vancouver, Canada. After attending the Windsor School of Dramatic Art for four years, amongst other things she took on guest roles in the television series "The X Files" and "A Mountie in Chicago". From 1997 to 2007 she played the role of Captain / Major / Lt. Colonel / Colonel Dr. Samantha Carter in the TV series "Stargate  SG-1" and from 2007 the same character in the spin off "Stargate Atlantis". From 2008 to 2011 she performed in the series "Sanctuary" - which she also produced - the role of Dr. Helen Magnus. In 2004 she made her directorial debut and directed an episode of Stargate SG-1. Since 2009 she has worked regularly as a director for various television series. Since 2017 she has mainly been directing.

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