An attempt to explain


I grew up in a time when shows like Bonanza, Fury or The Virginian were on TV. And then, suddenly a TV-show came on air that immediately captivated me: "Star Trek". A variation of the Wild West, called science fiction. And these two genres are not so unlike to each other - the one is the past, the other the future on the very front line, the final frontier. What for the western hero was his horse or the covered wagon, is the spaceship for the space hero. And instead of a Winchester gun and Colt, the modern "Space Cowboy" uses phasers and ray guns.

I am not a fan of "Star Wars" or "Battlestar Galactica" and have little for these shows; but I actually saw all the episodes of Star Trek and its spin-offs. It was no coincidence that Star Trek was able to convince me: in addition to a credible presentation of the technology, the main message of the show is the hope for a better, more peaceful life. Despite all space battles and fights, the focus is on harmonious coexistence and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

It wasn't until many years later ...

... that another sci-fi show caught my eye again! In the year 1997, shortly after a sci-fi show called "Stargate SG 1" was broadcast on German television, I came across this series by chance. I watched some episodes irregularly for a while and couldn't understand the topic at all. I didn't understand those strange aliens they had in that show, that spoke in a normal voice and suddenly changed in a deep alien voice - even the women. Why the heck were there all those Egyptian, Norse and other gods on this show? What about the military, that was definitely operating in our regular time frame. And what had it to do with the Cheyenne Mountain Complex , this bunker deep in the mountains in Colorado? And where the hell did the Stargate come from?

I had lots of questions and found no satisfying answers - so I ceased to watch this "crap" and eventually forgot about this strange Sci-Fi show.  Stargate - however - was back a few years later. I happend to drop into the pilot episode, and lo and behold, all of a sudden it made sense.

I suddenly understood: Stargate is told chronologically. The same also applies to the spin-off series "Stargate Atlantis".

Anyone who gets in between during the show will find it difficult to find their way around the episodes. However, if you start with episode one, you will see a science fiction series full of ideas, jokes, adventure and excitement. It's a show which was put together with great care to detail and military accuracy. Scientists made sure that the technical presentation was correct.  A great crew of international actors and filmmakers had come together in the Bridge Studios / Vancouver, Canada to create something really great. Now, after more than twenty years, the Stargate- Franchise is so present as in the last two decades and even the actors - not only the fans - still love Stargate and are always willing to relive their time on the Stargate sets.

By now I have seen the feature film "Stargate" (with Kurt Russell and James Spader), which is the beginning of Stargate. I have seen all episodes of "SG-1" and "SG Atlantis" and also the two other feature films. And I've seen a few episodes of "Stargate Universe", but "Stargate SG-1" - the original - has a special place in my science fiction heart.