I hope there is a Biker Heaven
And we will meet again someday
I hope to feel the wind in Heaven
And shake your hand again that day


Motorcycling - one of my favorite hobbies. Even as a small child I was fascinated by motorized two-wheelers and my biggest dream was to own a black Yamaha 750 touring bike.
After several smaller machines - even without licensed to the road or a suitable driver's license - the time had come to get the motorcycle driver's license. My driving school motorcycle was a small, red Honda CB 200, which I then bought from the driving school. Then she came - the black (later blue) Yamaha 750 XS - a picture book tourer. I've done countless tours with her. Out of family-technical considerations, I eventually sold the big Yamaha and bought the little sister, a black XS 400. But this bike was definitely underpowered for my taste and after a year I sold the motorcycle.
Then, one day on a short trip, I found an old, silver colored BMW R 60/5 in a workshop - at the very back in a dark corner - forgotten and oily. It was love at first sight. With no motorcycle I have covered as many kilometers as with this machine. When she had close to 200,000 km on the odometer, I bought a blue BMW 100 GS that I wanted, but did not suit me as well as I thought. In contrast to this stood the red Honda VF 750 C, which I rode for almost 7 years. Today I still have the old BMW R 60/5 - now in blue - with me, which will be fifty years old in 2020 and is still bubbling happily on its two cylinders.

Honda CB 200
Yamaha XS 750
Yamaha XS 400
BMW R 60/5
BMW R 100 GS
Honda VF 750 C