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20200507_151902.jpgSuanne Braun

was born on February 29, 1968 in Johannesburg / South Africa. It was there that she made her professional debut as a TV presenter on South African television in 1988. She has also acted in several series and theater productions. Due to her enormous popularity, Suanne became a familiar face on the covers of more than 25 South African magazine publications during this period.
As a TV presenter, she got her own travel series "Bon Voyage" which gave her the opportunity to visit over 36 countries around the world and she won her first award for excellence in television. She was nominated for a Star Tonight Award for Outstanding Achievement in Television for Bon Voyage. Numerous TV specials followed, including presenting the Miss World Pageant twice in 1992 and 1994. Suanne twice received the People's Choice Award for the most beautiful woman in South Africa.

Suanne in the U.S.A.

After a visit to the US, Suanne was signed on by WME, received a green card and stayed in Los Angeles for the next 10 years. US highlights include working with Oscar winner Peter Bodanovich, starring in Just Shoot Me, hosting an event for NBC called The West Wing City Live, and playing the goddess Hathor in the Canadian series "Stargate SG1".

 At home in England

In 2002 Suanne moved to London and continues to work in film, television and theatre. West End credits include Mamma Mia, Cabaret, Onassis and The Cherry Orchard. Recent film work includes Summer Of Rockets (BBC) and The Princess Switch Switched Again, the sequel to the hugely popular The Princess Switch (Netflix). Suanne's first comedy show won the Funny Bones Award in 2017.

Suanne Braun has been married to Christopher Garner, who runs the bakery/café "Christophers Bakery" in London, since 2002.

Hathor Hosts - an idea gets a career

hathor suann davidThe Corona crisis brought Suanne Braun an unexpected career. Known to an international audience as "Hathor" in the TV series "STARGᐰTE SG1", she launched her You-Tube channel "Hathor Hosts" in 2020. Here, she interviews her Stargate castmates, turning the guest role of Hathor into a career as an online talk show host. With a lot of expertise, good research and a good dose of humor, Suanne lets the time fly by for guests and viewers alike. If you want to watch the 30! interviews from the series, you can find all episodes on Suanne's YouTube channel!

youtube sb

Talk Show guests:  Kate Hewlett (2x), Amanda Tapping (2x), Gary Jones, Cliff Simon, Joseph Malozzi, Peter Kelamis, Aliana Huffman, Natalie Boltt, David Hewlett, Claudia Christian, David Blue, Jaqueline Samuda, Dan Payne, Jennifer Spence, Tony Amendola, Musetta Vander, Paul McGillion, Harriet Thorpe, Ami Lovatt, Lisa Stokke, Kai Owen, Terryl Rothery, Suanne Braun [mit Amanda Tapping als Host], Peter Williams, Rainbow Sun Franks, Mike Dopud, David Nykl, Andee Frizell, Will Kemp, Nick Sager and Torry Higginson.

Pic: Suanne talks to David Hewlett



Her work in Film & TV



  • Starhyke
  • No Signal!
  • Just Shoot Me!
  • Stargate SG-1
  • F/X: The Series
  • Wings
  • Silk Stalkings
  • The Big Time (Südafrika)
  • Konings SABC.
  • Red Dwarf XI
  • Summer Of Rockets
  • UnPacking


  • All the Things You Are
  • The Last Warrior
  • Sight
  • Survivor (2015)
  • A Royal Winter (2017)
  • The Princess Switch (2018)
  • The Princess Switch: Switched Again (2020)
  • The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star (2021)
  • A Castle for Christmas (2021) as Mrs. Donatelli


Host and Moderation:

  • Bon Voyage 
  • Miss South Africa 
  • Miss World
  •  Academy Awards 
  • Spirit Awards 
  • The West Wing City Live event 


As herself:

  • Revealing Mr. Maugham (2012) (BAFTA Nominee)


  •  Private Lives 
  • Things We Do For Love, 
  • The Secret Lives of Henry And Alice, 
  • Offbeat Broadway 
  • Easy To Love – The Cole Porter Story 
  • Mamma Mia 
  • Mamma Mia 20th Anniversary Show 
  • Cabaret 
  • Onassis 
  • Bernada Alba.
  • Private Lives
  • The Cherry Orchard
  • I Have Life
  • Sailing Somewhere


This list does not claim to be complete!

suanne1Interesting to know...
- In the early 1990s, Suanne co-presented Miss South Africa and Miss World with a colleague for three consecutive years.

- In 1993 Suanne received the People's Choice Award for the most beautiful woman in South Africa.

- Susanne is a Stand Up fan and spent 6 months with The Groundlings in Los Angeles. Her debut comedy show won the Funny Bones Award.

- Susanne sang the text version of the Goldfish hit "All Night". The song stayed number one on the charts for 11 weeks.

- Suanne Braun is a leap year baby who was born on February 29th.
- Suannes name "Braun" is pronounced like the English word "brown"

Social Networks: Suanne is well connected

suanne2Suanne is very active on all kinds of social platforms like YouTube, Facebook and so on. Here are some links to her accounts:

Twitter: Suanne herself: @SuanneBraun   https://twitter.com/SuanneBraun

Instagram: Suanne herself: @suannebraun   https://www.instagram.com/suannebraun/

Facebook: "Hathor Hosts TV" @suannehathorbraun   https://www.facebook.com/suannehathorbraun

You Tube: "Hathor Hosts"   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP6NLlpZ2k3Z0yY9FftW_8g

Stargate SG1®, Stargate Atlantis® and Stargate Universe®: © All rights reserved by Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer / MGM Television Entertainment - Beverly Hills / USA. © The rights to the names “Suanne Braun & Hathor Hosts” belong to Suanne Braun / London! © All rights to the name “Amanda Tapping” belong to Amanda Tapping / Vancouver! The pages about the television series "Stargate SG1", "Suanne Braun" and "Amanda Tapping" are exclusively fan-based and were not created on behalf of Amanda Tapping, Suanne Braun or MGM and are not affiliated with them!

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