What is [the] Stargate?

First of all, the Stargate is the large stone ring that we see in the picture. Of course, this is not just around decoratively, but has a special ability. With the Stargate you can travel to distant worlds in seconds, as the entire Milky Way system is equipped with a network of Stargates. We will learn later that there is also such a network of Stargates in the Pegasus Galaxy.

To get to know the Stargate and its concept at all, we have to watch the 1994 movie "Stargate". The film was shot by Roland Emmerich in the USA and its main actors were Kurt Russell and James Spader. In the film we meet USAF Colonel Jack O'Neil and the archeologist Dr. Daniel Jackson, Ph.D .. We are also shown the discovery of the Stargate and are introduced to the Stargate program. We know little about the time in which it all takes place, but we do know that the bunkers in Cheyenne Mountain play a role.
Since the movie didn't get a sequel, one could assume that "Stargate" was relatively short-lived.


Stargate SG-1

MGM, who hold the rights to "Stargate", decided to take up the topic again in 1996 and developed the TV series "Stargate SG-1" with the TV star Richard Dean Anderson, known from "MacGyver", as the leader of a team of extremely trained and specialized soldiers. This time too, US Air Force Col. Jack O'Neill (now with two Ls) and Dr. Daniel Jackson were present. Teal'c was added, as was Major General George Hammond as head of Stargate Command. In this "Boys Club" Major Dr. Samantha Carter, Ph.D. was the only woman; a highly intelligent, brilliant scientist and courageous officer who first had to earn the respect of O'Neill.

The series, although science fiction, takes place in Colorado Springs in 1997 and was created by MGM for just two or a maximum of three seasons. The good selection of actors who harmonized perfectly with each other, the wonderful landscape in British Columbia / Canada and an exceptional team spirit on the set were a guarantee for the success of the series "Stargate SG-1".
In the course of the series, the team of writers, producers and actors got along very well and the quality increased enormously during the first season and stayed at a high level. Instead of two or three seasons, it ended up being 10 seasons. The 9th and 10th season was met with mixed emotions by the fans, as two important characters were missing with the exit of O'Neill and Hammond. Without prejudice, however, seasons 9 and 10 also deserve praise and have become good episodes in their own way.

What happens in Stargate?

Based on the 1994 MGM feature film "StarGate", Richard Dean Anderson starred as Colonel Jack O'Neill in this science fiction adventure series. He is a soldier who must lead a team of highly qualified experts on a secret mission through a network of Stargates located across the universe. In most of the episodes "SG-1" goes to other planets, where their main task is to find weapons against the Goa'uld. However, they tend to be more concerned with preventing evil aliens from getting to Earth or ironing out mistakes they inadvertently made as inexperienced newcomers to the galaxy. The aliens have to get used to, especially at the beginning, as they are recruited from the realm of the gods of different cultures, such as: Ra, Hathor, Anubis, Osiris but also Nirrti, Thor, Loki or Kali. In the episodes there are a lot of science fiction clichés, jokes and allusions to other science fiction series but also to films from other genres.

#1 Canadian SciFi
Bridge Studios Vancouver

Produced in the Bridge Studios in Vancouver, BC, the series debuted on the Showtime network and later switched to SciFi with worldwide syndication. 

What's my opinion of Stargate?

"Stargate SG-1" and "Stargate Atlantis" are solid craftsmanship, made with a lot of heart and mind. With well-known stars from the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Great Britain and who knows where from, as well as a lot of action and fantasy, entertaining TV has been made for all walks of life! In addition, "Stargate" has a very special quality: Even today - 24 years after it was first broadcast - it has a unique chemistry that carries over from the actors to the crew and the audience. Even today "Stargate" has a huge fandom, the actors are as popular today as they were then and many of the actors still identify with their characters from "Stargate"!

Original Cast

Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson, PhD
Amanda Tapping as Major Dr. Samantha Carter, PhD
Christopher Judge as Teal'c
Don S. Davis (†) as Major General George Hammond
Teryl Rothery as Major Dr. Janet Fraiser, MD
Carmen Argenziano (†) as Major General Jacob Carter
Tony Amendola as Master Bra'tac
Gary Jones as Master Sergant Walter Harriman
Dan Shea as Master Sergant Sy Siler

Richard Dean Anderson starred in the first eight seasons (1997-2005) and returned for guest appearances in seasons 9 and 10 in the episodes "Avalon", "Origin", "200" and "The Shroud". His co-stars Amanda Tapping and Christopher Judge acted on all 10 seasons of SG-1, Michael Shanks skipped season 6.

Extended Cast

Corin Nemec as Jonas Quinn (Season 6)
Beau Bridges as Major General Hank Landry (Season 9-10)
Ben Browder as Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell (Season 9-10)
Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran (Season 9-10)


Designed by: Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright
Executive producers: Jonathan Glassner, Brad Wright,  Michael Greenburg, Richard Dean Anderson
Music by: David Arnold, Joel Goldsmith

A production by Double Secret Productions, a Glassner / Wright Company, and
Gekko Film Corp, an Anderson / Greenburg Company, in association with MGM Television

First aired (USA) 27. July 1997
Last aired am 22 June 2007

Richard Dean Anderson's website provides detailed and well-researched information about Stargate SG-1:  http://rdanderson.com/stargate/index.htm

Stargate SG1®, Stargate Atlantis® and Stargate Universe®: © All rights reserved by Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer / MGM Television Entertainment - Beverly Hills / USA. © The rights to the names “Suanne Braun & Hathor Hosts” belong to Suanne Braun / London! © All rights to the name “Amanda Tapping” belong to Amanda Tapping / Vancouver! The pages about the television series "Stargate SG1", "Suanne Braun" and "Amanda Tapping" are exclusively fan-based and were not created on behalf of Amanda Tapping, Suanne Braun or MGM and are not affiliated with them!

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