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May I introduce myself?

I was born on August 31, 19-hundred-sometime and grew up in Austria, the USA and Germany. In addition to my trained job, which is in the social field, I love working on our small farm. There my kids and I breed American Paint Horses. I own an American Paint Horse and an American Quarter Horse. From time to time I still like to tinker around on my more than 50 year old motorcycle. But my greatest love is my Australian Shepherd.

When time permits, I enjoy reading, hiking, and camping trips. I enjoy listening to music and occasionally play the guitar (never in public!). I enjoy riding my horses. I love riding motorbikes. And I also have a special passion for pencil drawing.

Twitter:  @cayouga  /  Instagram:  @cayouga00  

My American Paint & Quarter Horses

My American Paint Horse breed is based on old Foundation lines. All of my American Paint and Quarter Horses descend from famous, well-known Cutting and Cowhorse lines. No less than the following stallions are passed on in my foals: QT Poco Streke - Mr San Dancer - Mr San Peppy - Doc O'Lena - Hollywood Dun It - TopSail Cody - Jessie James - Sabru Indio and others.

With all my love for the Foundation horses, my main focus is on healthy, strong and well-balanced horses that can be ridden by anyone. The goal is working cow horses that are willing to perform. The foals were consistently able to assert themselves as premium foals, and my mares all made it into the main mare book. My horses don't need to hide away in national or international comparisons. Both the mares, the stallions and the geldings have decent show records.

Single or double registered?

With us at the TFR, real American Paint Horses are still bred and kept. One registration is sufficient for our animals, namely that of the APHA! Double registered horses are not welcome in our breeding!

My path to become interessted in Sci-Fi 

Once upon a time ...
there was a little girl, maybe four or five years old, who had found a book in her father's bookcase. It was a nondescript book with a dark gray cover....

I don't remember what title it was or who wrote it. My father was a qualified physicist and actually only had specialist books in his bookcase. But this book fascinated me even though I was so small at the time that I couldn't even read. This book was about rockets, manned spaceflight, space stations and orbital stations. It was about the vision of colonizing the moon, maybe one day Mars. Of course I couldn't read it, but there were fascinating illustrations in the book. My imagination was awakened, as was my interest, and last but not least, this book was the cornerstone of my love of science fiction.

When I was about 10 years old, a TV series came on TV that I immediately really liked, but unfortunately my mother didn't. It took a lot of ingenuity to watch this show every week without getting caught. Its name: "Star Trek - Starship Enterprise". Star Trek has been with me ever since. I don't even know how many times I've watched "TOS", "The Next Generation", "DS9", "Voyager" and "ST Enterprise". I have also seen all the feature films several times. The only thing I didn't like was "Star Trek Discovery".
It was no coincidence that Star Trek was able to convince me: in addition to a believable presentation of technology, the main message of the show is hope for a better, more peaceful life. Despite all the space battles and struggles, the focus is on harmonious coexistence and the peaceful resolution of conflicts. Definitely, I love this franchise.

... and then came Stargate!

In 1997, shortly after a sci-fi show called "Stargate SG 1" aired on TV, I happened to stumble over this series. I watched some episodes irregularly for a while and couldn't understand the subject at all. I didn't understand these weird aliens they had on this show.
- Why did they speak in a normal voice and suddenly changed into a deep alien voice - even the women!
- Why the hell were all these Egyptian, Norse and other gods on this show?
- What about the military that was definitely operating in our regular timeframe?
- What did that have to do with the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, that bunker deep in the mountains of Colorado?
- Where the hell did the Stargate come from?

I had many questions and no satisfactory answers - so I stopped watching this "crap" and eventually forgot about this weird sci-fi show. However, "Stargate SG-1" was back a few years later. I accidentally tuned into the pilot and lo and behold, it suddenly made sense.
I suddenly understood: Stargate is told chronologically. The same applies to the spin-off series "Stargate Atlantis". Again, I've seen the episodes more often and am still fascinated by this series. The Stargate feature films have greatly contributed to my understanding of this series, especially the first film "Stargate" from 1994.
With "Stargate Universe" I felt the same way as with "StarTrek Discovery" and "Star Trek Picard", somehow I can't find access to these series. But anyway, Stargate is my number one franchise of choice!

AutogrammThe definition of the word "fan" or the person who is a "fan":

From Latin: fanaticus - (seized by the deity, thrown into frenzied enthusiasm); in English: fanatic - (zealous, ruthlessly committed, enthusiastic) is a person who has a long-term passionate relationship with an external, public, either personal, collective, representational, abstract or sporting fan object and has an emotional relationship with this object . In addition, resources such as time and/or money are invested. If the enthusiastic following of the fans refers to people, the latter are referred to as stars. The enthusiastic followers are usually expressed in rituals of worship of the person concerned.
So, am I a "fan" of Amanda? The answer to that is clearly a NO! I definitely don't identify with the term "fan" as I'm not zealot, ruthless, or fanatical. All I have to say about my relationship with Amanda is this:


I love you!
For real!
Even if I don't know you well!

But if you can hate for no reason
Then I can love someone for no reason!
And I love you very much!


 I've run out of patience for certain things! 

I have given a lot in my life and rarely got anything positive in return. I was loyal and was betrayed for it. I've helped a lot, but rarely received help myself! I have loved a lot, but rarely received love... Now I am very careful about who I help, who I trust, who I love! -

"Not because I've become arrogant, but simply because I've reached a point in my life where I no longer want to waste time on things that displeases me or hurts me. I have no more patience for cynicism, exaggerated criticism and demands of any kind. I've lost the will to please those who don't like me, love those who don't love me, and smile at those who don't want to smile at me. I'm not willing to waste another minute on those who lie and manipulate. I have chosen to stop coexisting with pretense, hypocrisy, dishonesty and cheap praise. I do not tolerate selective scholarship or academic arrogance. I'll never get used to the popular gossip either. I hate conflicts and comparisons. I believe in a world of opposites and as such I avoid people with rigid and inflexible personalities. In friendships I dislike lack of loyalty and betrayal. I don't get along with those who can't give compliments or a word of encouragement. Exaggerations bore me and I have trouble accepting people who don't like animals.
And on top of that, I have no patience for those who do not deserve my patience.”
Wise words from Meryl Streep which I can only wholeheartedly endorse

To all of my female friends

and all the women out there from 60 years and up ...

... most of us are going through a  challenging phase of our lives.
We're at that age where we see wrinkles, gray hair, and extra pounds. We've run households, had careers, raised families, paid the bills, dealt with sickness, sadness, grief, and everything else life has assigned us. We are survivors... we are warriors in the quiet... we are Women... aged like a classic car or a fine wine. Even if our bodies are not what they once were, they carry our histories, our souls, our courage, and our strength.
We should never feel bad about getting older. It's a privilege that is denied to so many.
Enjoy every minute. ❤️

womens day

International Women's Day is held by women's organizations around the world on March 8th. It was created around the First World War in the fight for equal rights and the right to vote for women and can look back on a long tradition. The first Women's Day was then observed on March 19, 1911 in Denmark, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Switzerland. International Women's Day has been celebrated on March 8th since 1921. Today, March 8th is a public holiday in many countries.

Sam Cayouga

Family Manager, Hobby Photographer, Amateur artist and SciFi-Fan

Sam Cayouga