Docs Shining Check - the last Good Bye

buckskin tobiano APHA Gelding born 2003

Dam: "Docs Last Jessie" (†) 
Sire: "Hesa Tiny Paycheck" (†)

Our Jack was - I think - the most successful non-competition horse between 2005 and 2010. He hated competitions and everything that went with it, but he still always gave his best for Sabrina. Although he was absolutely not a show horse, with Sabrina in the saddle he was Reserve European champion, German champion and Bavarian champion. He was consistently in the top 5 at regional and international paint tournaments for 5 years. Later he often had health problems and was no longer under the saddle.

On February 26th, 2024 he started his last journey and - as was his wont - leisurely trotted over the Rainbow Bridge.

TFR Colored Ranch Horses - time with the American Paint Horses

Since 1992 we have American Paint Horses, American Quarter Horses and Haflinger on our tiny ranch. In sporty competition our horses show their efficiency.Whether Club Champion or European Champion, Bavarian Champion or German Champion - American Paint Horses bred by us have earned blue ribbons - as well at regional tournaments as on the international stage. If you want to know more, take a look around here. We wish you a pleasant stay on our homepage.

 The team of

TFR Colored Ranch Horses   M. & S. Freiberg  /  Certified Equine Manager  -  Trainer C EWU  /  87659 Hopferau - Eastern Allgaeu - Germany

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