Don't walk in front of me, I don't want to follow you!
Don't walk behind me, I don't want to lead you!
Just walk next to me and be my friend.


The Horses of the TFR

We've been breeding  American Paint Horses based on old foundation lines. The horses have been derived from famous, well-known cutting and cowhorse lines.

No less than the following stallions passed on to our foals: QT Poco Streke  -  Mr San Dancer  -  Mr San Peppy  -  Doc O'Lena  -  Hollywood Dun It  -  TopSail Cody  -  Jessie James and so on .

Our main focus has always been on healthy, strong and balanced horses, that can be handled by both: the leisure rider and the ambitious show rider. Preferably, the horses would be working ranchhorses, but sometimes a cutter or reiner came through.

All our horses are tested by Etalon Diagnostics, UC Davis & Laboklin:  

GBED n/n - HERDA n/n - HYPP n/n - MH n/n - OLWS n/n -  PSSM n/n - MYHM (IMM): n/n

All mares are registered premium broodmares. Girls and boys equal have their own performance records.

→  Leika
*1994 - Haflinger mare: 
multiple Club Champion 
Trail Ride winner

→  Docs Shining Check
*2003 - American Paint Horse gelding - buckskin / tobiano:
Premium Foal
Reserve Grand Champion Geldings
mult. Res. Champion / APHA shows
Res. European Champion Barrel Race
Bavarian Champion Team Penning
multiple Bavarian Champions
multiple German Champions
multiple Club Champions
→  BMS Mrs Gunfire
*2005 - American Quarter Horse mare - sorrel:
Top 10 / AQHA shows 
Mares Register IV
1 Foal 

→  TFR Hollywood Jamie San
*2005 American Quarter Horse mare - bay:
Pemium Foal
Mares Register I
Top 5 / AQHA shows
2 Foals

→  TFR Hollywood San Dee
*2009 - American Paint Horse mare - brown / tobiano:
Premium Foal
Mares Register I
APHA World Show Qualifier
Euro. Champion Working Cowhorse
multiple German Champions
multiple Bavarian Champions
multiple Club Champions
→  SQ Amber Topsail Cash
*2011 - American Paint Horse mare - amber champagne / tobiano:
Mares Register I
Premium Mare 
Grand Champion Mares
Top 5 / APHA shows
1 Foal

→  TFR Sandancer Joe Dee
*2017 - American Paint Horse mare - black / tobiano:
Premium Foal 
Top 8 / APHA PAC World Show

→  TFR King Doc Olena
*2017 - American Paint Horse stallion - bay / tobiano:
Premium Foal
Grand Champion Stallions
Reserve Grand Champion Stallions
Top 5 /  APHA shows
Stallion Register II

→ Stallion Informations