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Do not walk in front of my, I don't want to follow!
Do not walk behind me, I don't want to lead you!
Simply walk by my side and be my friend!

Our American Paint Horse breed is based on old foundation lines. All of our American Paint and Quarter Horses are descended from famous, well-known cutting and cowhorse lines. No less than the following stallions are passed on in our foals:
QT Poco Streke  -  Mr San Dancer  -  Mr San Peppy  -  Doc O'Lena  -  Hollywood Dun It  -  TopSail Cody  -  Jessie James  -  Sabru Indio and more.

With all our love for the Foundation horses, we place our main focus on healthy, strong and balanced horses that can be ridden by everyone. The goal is to get motivated Working Cow Horses, but nevertheless sometimes one develops into a Reiner or a Cutting horse. The foals are able to hold their own as premium foals, and our mares also all made it into the main stud book. Our horses do not need to hide in national or international comparison. All - the mares, the stallions and the geldings have decent show records.

All of our horses have been tested by Etalon Diagnostics, UC Davis & Laboklin:  

GBED n/n - HERDA n/n - HYPP n/n - MH n/n - OLWS n/n -  PSSM n/n - MYHM (IMM): n/n

Single or double registered?

Here at the TFR, the real American Paint Horses are still bred and kept. For our animals, one single registration is completely sufficient, namely that of the APHA! Doubly registered horses are not welcome in our breeding program!

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